Monday, March 2, 2009

At the mayoral candidate forum held at the Three Parks Democratic Club in February, Councilmember Tony Avella was invited only if he would allow Comptroller William C. Thompson to speak first. The comptroller had a mildly receptive audience, but they found Councilmember Avella to be exciting and provocative, frequently interrupting him with applause. Mr. Avella had to keep quieting the audience in order to continue. Thompson all but ignored Avella and exited the forum as soon as he was finished. Avella criticized the comptroller for, among other things, failing to answer the question of whether or not he takes money from real-estate interests.

Mr. Avella is a candidate of the people. He said at the forum that we need to take back City Hall, and that we need a campaign that will send a message throughout the entire country that it’s not about money, it’s about people! He got a standing ovation when the forum ended, and he had a hard time getting out the door.

The attendees were inspired and signed up to be volunteers for the Avella campaign.

New Yorkers must find out everything they can about this man, who would bring to our fair city a mayor who is honest and dedicated to the interests of the people, rather than the special interests.

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