Saturday, February 28, 2009

Councilmember Avella Willing to Help the Horses

As vice-president of the Coalition to Ban the Horse-Drawn Carriage in New
> York City, I am well aware that Tony Avella is the first member of the NYC council who has ever been willing to step up to the plate and introduce
> a bill that would ban the horse-drawn carriage in New York. No other council
> member, since the 70's when the movement against the industry began, has
> been willing to do this, despite overwhelming evidence that the practice
> equates to a life-style that is contrary to every natural desire and
> instinct on the part of these much-loved animals. The conditions in New York
> City are hugely incompatible with the well-being of horses, forced to pull
> carriages in extremes of weather through New York streets crowded with
> vehicles and noises prone to cause horses to spook and bolt, causing fatal
> injury to themselves. Thank you Mr. Avella, for your courage, your ethics, and for your sensitivity to these majestic animals.

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