Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tony Avella calls for preserving neighborhoods

In a recent article entitled "The Outsider" by David Freedlander published in City Hall News, the reporter discusses Councilmember Tony Avella and his bid for mayor of New York City. Freedlander says that some of Avella's "most fervent battles have been with the Department of Buildings and with what he sees as the runaway development of the Bloomberg years." Mr. Avella is on a mission to bring the city back to the way it was and back to when the job of government was to serve the people. Avella is the voice of the small and the local, and "one of the most ardent preservationists in the city." On the subject, Freedlander quotes Mr. Avella as saying, "In many neighborhoods a lot of the charm is being lost. . . That's the cry I hear from most residents throughout the entire city, that the charm and character of the neighborhoods is just being destroyed . . . Surely, no one who has watched the city slowly morph these last several years into one gigantic food court broken up only by the occasional Duane Read would consider these changes progess."

Go to tonyavellaformayor.com to read Mr. Avella's stand on all the issues.

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