Monday, June 8, 2009

David and Goliath

Councilman Tony Avella, candidate for mayor, has aggressively fought Bloomberg on his agenda of overdevelopment for the past eight years. Unfortunately, he has to fight almost everyone on the City Council as well, who cowtow to the mayor and walk lockstep with him, promoting his agenda. Bloomberg's overdevelopment is vehemently opposed by most New Yorkers; but what do they matter? Bloomberg is NOT the common man, nor does he care what the common man wants. He is remaking the City in his own wealthy image. Avella must convince voters that a relatively unknown councilman, without much financial support, can somehow defeat an immensely wealthy incumbent willing to spend unlimited amounts of his own money to secure a third term, a term that he does not deserve. The people of New York voted TWICE to secure term limits, but Bloomberg and his money and his influence managed to overturn the peoples' choice. One statistic alone should prove that Bloomberg does not have the City's best interests at heart: in the past eight years, the city has rezoned one-sixth of the total land in the five boroughs—more than the last six administrations combined—and the City Council has approved more than 80 total rezonings. Who is going to stop this dreadful train of events if not the people of New York? Please go to Councilmember Tony Avella's website and read his stand on the issues.

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Milan said...

I love it! My neighborhood is not for sale. Go, Tony!